About Us

The WARZ-TV Vision

For 32-years independent television station, WARZ-TV has been a beacon in the communities it serves.  We pride ourselves on being a Family Programmed (Christian) media outlet.  It has allowed us to televise top quality national minsters like: Joyce Myers, Kenneth Copeland, T.D. Jakes, Rod Parsley, & Jesse Duplantis.  We have helped local ministries such as:  Springfield Baptist Church, Family Worship Center (the Pond's Family), Branch Chapel and so many more to deliver the Word.  We have partnered with TBN & WHT Television Networks.  And we've been involved with local community events from the Wayne Regional Agricultural Fair in Goldsboro to the Annual Smithfield Parade and the popular Ham & Yam Festival.  WARZ-TV is committed to continually airing quality family programming and serving our community.